Monday, 17 September 2012


I promise!
I've not posted here for aaaaaages because my contract came to an end at Headstrong in London at the end of July, so before that I was crazy busy with art tests and started work at Rebellion games in Oxford in August, where I've been for just over a month now! So that move took quite a lot of my time too. I've started as a GUI artist which has been really great and a nice challenge to have a change in style (If you look up their past games it'll give you an idea of the kind of genre I'm working on).
Art Academy has since been released and has been doing well with a metacritic score of 8.0 and it's only just been released in America and will be released in Japan very very soon- where I'm sure It will also do well!
It's been quite exciting to see my first game published and to see it on TV, in stores and actually have the physical boxed copy has been really great!

Oxford is a bit of a change of pace from London but it's lovely and has some really cool museums and architecture.
This is on my cycle route to work:

I'll post up some work from Art academy and a couple of other bits and pieces from art tests I can show- quite a lot of it I can't as I signed NDA forms but never mind.
I've also started on some illustrations for an ex colleague that I can't show yet but I'll post stuff here when I can :)

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YAYYYY!!!!!!!!! to everything.