Friday, 8 June 2012

Mishmash of work

Been a while since I've updated- here's a complete mashup of things.
 Screen shots of UI work I did for Rabbids Rumble for 3DS which was announced last week so I can finally put it in my portfolio. Should be released in a few months as it's just coming to finalization now.
 This was something new to me too! I constructed and painted a 3D wooden pixel heart for the topic 'Precious' for The Clockwork Ballroom.
 I've also started to learn Max and I have some really basic things down but I need to learn how to make things slicker - I suppose add more polys so things curve nicer and how to make embellishments I want. It's based on my house illustration
This is for the most recent topic for The Clockwork Ballroom- Urban Sanctuary.
The plan is to draw a crazy detail city around the shrine.

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