Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Puffin and Beaver

More 15 minute lunch time challenges- puffin and beaver, (twin peaks log lady beaver to be precise!)


lena saku said...

Oo cool. Glad I found you (I know, romantic!). The art folk list on the right is really good..Have found some amazing ones already so thanks.

Girl gamers are amazing. I'm just a casual, more like game review-viewer than gamer, but my good friend is a gamer and he posts game reviews on youtube. He is FireWaterGasoline if you want to check him out. Funny and smart.

Have a sweet day and be sure to enjoy the weather, the BBC people have said it's going to end pretty soon!

iilo said...

Ahaha I just love the log lady! Perfect. I found your blog through and I thought I'd leave a comment, your art is really cute :]