Friday, 24 February 2012

Space GUI

So this was from an art test a month or so back, they gave it to me, I had a couple of evenings to do it (short deadline) but my photoshop decided to totally break, after trying absolutely everything and I mean absolutely everything it still didn't work so I had to give up and send it to the deadline incomplete with my apologies.
They didn't even bother to reply to even aknowledge they had received it, which I think is really rude, but never mind eh. The brief was to create a made up GUI for a facebook adventure game with stats bars and an avatar. Then some kind of expansion when you click on the avatar for more details, so basically when retracted it's just the head in the helmet then the body pops down when you click on it with the window with the various other stats ( that I didn't get round to finishing. There was no brief of genre or title etc, it was open ended so I decided to do a space adventure game, and decided to keep a hand drawn/painted sort of quality.

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