Monday, 9 January 2012

Inspector Wormald

Inspector Wormald- Found this sketch I'd forgotten about, my flatmate used to work on the west end show Betty Blue Eyes. I went to see it twice and it was a brilliant show, its such a shame that it was cancelled :(
Well before they knew it was going to close Adrian Scarborough was due to leave, so my flatmate asked me to do an illustration of him of his character as Inspector Wormald the meat inspector to give to him as a gift, you might know him from lots of british comedy shows like Gavin and Stacey. I was also due to do one for Reece Shearsmith as he was leaving the month after, but alas it turned out that everyone was leaving so I didn't complete the first illustration. Perhaps it would be nice to do a few characters finished anyway even if they're not as gifts.
This was Adrian in the show

and here's my sketch
Bring back Betty Blue Eyes!


Xavier Yabut said...

I like your character illustration!

Maria Alyssa Martinez said...

I saw your artworks first at Tumblr and I really like it. Looking forward for more post and artworks ^^, I'm a fan now.