Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Life Drawing

So I went life drawing last night for the first time in about 3 or so years,
First thing we were told to do was get giant paper and charcoal, both of which are my idea of a nightmare! I can't even stand the touch of charcoal so she let me use graphite stick, which we had to tape to the end of a long stick.....she didn't really explain why but i'm guessing it was just to loosen up strokes.
We had to hold the stick at the end and stand at arms length at least away from our board so it was pretty difficult to get any kind of intentional mark although she seemed pretty impressed as she used my sketches as examples quite a few times of using geometric shapes and lines to construct form. We did a series of 3 minute sketches then some 5 minute ones, a 20 minute sketch with the huge stick and then we did a 30 minute pose using whatever paper and medium we wanted, so I went back to A4 and pencil, but I think the teacher has some kind of personal quest to make me draw large and like it by the end of the course. I'm not so bothered, I don't like charcoal and just want to use pencils so A4 or A3 is fine with me.
I took some pictures on my phone but I think theyre a bit dark.. but they'll do!

First few are 4-5 minute sketches with the long stick

This one was about 15-20 minutes with the giant stick, I had gotten a little bit more used to the stick by then
This one was about 25-30 minutes in my sketchbook with a pencil. I think I was probably stood in the worst place in terms of foreshortening but I think its okay..ish.


Badger said...

Looking good franbo! Hope you learnt from it.

Dam Ferreira said...

Great stuff. Very cool