Monday, 23 May 2011

Busy busy busy!

Man a week has gone by and i've hardly done anything drawing related! I've been so busy with end of uni things like getting prints done for gallery shows, job applications and all that stuff (which I can now stop!), and all this weekend i've been super busy flat hunting..... because i've got a job in London!!
I start June 13th as an artist at Headstrong games and i'm super excited! Although its now less than 3 weeks to find a flat!! Aaaah!!
I'm going to London tomorrow to view one and hopefully a few others if they contact me back, and also to see an agency as they say they have some in the area I can hopefully view tomorrow. So fingers crossed something comes from those then it'll be one less stress.
I've also got a freelance job from another games company so i've been doing stuff for that too!
So so so busy and I need to have all my work done for Uni by the end of this week really!! Grah!
Exciting but busy! I've not done very much to the village image I was working on because i've been so busy but it's been a week since I updated so heres the most miniscule of updates! Just some more details on the houses section. MUST finish more work this week!

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