Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tiger Prints

So today i spent screen printing my tiger image, i got 12 successful prints done, and they'll be available for sale soon, watch this space!

Sketch of local area back home for a friend
Working on colour more, in progress, will post the finished when i'm done.
A local cafe in Bristol (Thali Cafe) are sponsoring our end of year gallery show by providing us with food which i hear is really good!) in exchange for some christmas card designs for them, they liked my tiger image as its an indian cafe, so jazzed it up christmas style with some string lights!
Showgirl sketch, wasnt really concentrating on anatomy at the time, if i go back to it theres a bunch of stuff to be fixed.
Miscellanious girl drawing
As a result of talking to my friend James, i'm often prompted to draw super quick cartoons pertaining to the conversation, heres a portrait of James, in a true to life depiction.
And heres him marrying his best buddy, they have a wonderful Bromance.

Oh also, i've decided on a project to start, i'm gonna design a house or at least a few rooms, i'd like to actually make one in 3d with paper and card nets and perhaps little sewn chairs etc, and then also design some characters to go with it. I'm thinking having an actual little set might help me with perspective, and understanding camera angles etc for a greater variety of angles in an interior enviro etc.
Heres some sketches of ideas for furniture etc for the living room.

...and finally
i don't think i've ever posted this so figured i would!
One day after a pizza i drew my flatmate >Kate< on the foam tray and put some wool hair on, its a little hard to see the lines in the picture as i just used what was to hand in the kitchen which was a blue and red colouring pencil. Today she made a version of me!


Adam Foster-Fahy said...

The Tiger Prints look nice, the background is very much greener than in the digital version...was that a deliberate choice or simply the best green ink available on the day? Any plans to knock up a couple of shirts?

Fran Court said...

just decided to do it a brighter, i had a print with me which made the colours much darker so i think i was swayed by that quite a bit. Also i just happened to find a nice turquoisy green so went for that.
Yup, well, i've booked a screen printing bed for next tuesday and i have 3 small t shirts to print, one for me, 2 to sell. (i got others small incase i messed them up so could still keep one for myself hehe)
But i'm keeping the accetates and things and if anyone else wanted to make an order i could always print some more another time