Thursday, 9 December 2010

More design

Heres some more design work for the house project, a bunch of fireplaces, i have started to colour these, but i've been scuppered by dissertation writing so i'll get that out of the way then return to this.
Miscllanious items page. Ok not so full so far, but figured i'd show it anyway, gonna draw a bunch of lamps, rugs and general items like vases etc
I designed 2 types of wallpaper, and started piecing together a kind of mockup for what i'd like the room to look like, obviously doesnt contain much yet, but i'll add to it as i design more elements.

In a break from dissertation writing i watched the new episode of Glee, and decided to do a quick sketch of the character Emma Pillsbury the councilor, with giant bushbaby eyes.
Then i did sort of a redesign of her, i also watched Santa Claus the Movie ( the one from 1985) and i love John Lithgow's character, with evil chair spins and maniacal laughing. Awesome. So i drew a sketch of him, not really paying much attention to making it look like him exactly, just getting his evil sneer. I liked the outfit, so then drew a mafia guy.

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Badger said...

Haha, the Emma is great :)