Thursday, 4 November 2010

sketchbook doodles

Variety of doodles from my sketch book i hadn't scanned yet
Thought i'd try painting this one with gouache if i can, but scanned first so i have a version of the lines incase i wreck it!
half finished rendering at the hunterian....well not even half....just a fin
fighter pilot girl
face doodles
miscellanious objects, cars, etc
half finished bird rendering, i can't find the reference to finish it, boo


Adam Foster-Fahy said...

The sketch of the birdie is nice, pity you'll never get to finish it, but from what you did finish you were obviously enjoying it.

Fran Court said...

thankyou! I'm pretty awful for never finishing rendering things, but i mostly like them with patches of rendering rather than fully i don't mind too much actually!