Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hyenas and Tigers and Ships oh my

Edited the hyena a bit
Sinking Tsimtsum cargo ship WIP, also from The Life of Pi. not yet finished....stuff on the ship is missing etc
Richard Parker the tiger from The Life of Pi, line work, i'm thinking screen printing a series of it, in maybe 3 colour printing or something, also a t shirt maybe? Hmm
I quite like him anyway


Adam Foster-Fahy said...

That tiger would work very well as a t-shirt design, you should definitely run out a few of them. The sinking ship is very stylised, I like the way you have represented the sea, would love to see an animated .gif or something with the waves all moving back and forth and the ship sinking.... is the little white area in front of the sinking ship the life boat that the hyena is on? Sorry, I am unfamiliar with the novel.

Nice work, pity about the lack of T-Rexes on the horizon ..... ;) (ok, I'm as fed up with that joke now as you must be!)

Fran Court said...

haha, maybe in future i'll put more dinosaurs in!
Thanks!YEah little white bit is the life boat but i havent added any lines or shapes to it yet