Monday, 20 September 2010


Back at Bristol now, i have some stuff from summer i can post but not quite yet.
Anywho, moved into new flat with Chloe and Kate and we wanted to do some drawings for each other to put on our doors etc, so i said i'd do some little characatures, i've done mine today, and i'll do theirs tomorrow.

Flat colour version

I started to render the face without linework, so stylised but more 3D esque, but unsure whether i should do it all or leave it flat like above....what looks cool? It's obviously very WIP-ish. Opinions Opinions! I'm new to these rendering schenanigans

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Badger said...

Harrooo, looking nice, lovely lines, on the rendering put a centre line down to check your construction, things are sliding around a bit.
Woo update.