Sunday, 7 February 2010

Small Update

Not updated for a while, heres a digi portrait i did this evening, I've never really tried digi portraits in this way in a realistic kind of render attempt, so heres a start, im quite happy with the result so far. Still a wip though so stay tuned

Also, my work was featured on a Sandwich blog hehe, go check it out!


vandalworks said...

its nice to see this a bit more close up than as opposed to on facebook! means i've noticed the hair a lot more, i've never been able to get nice fluid strokes with a pencil let alone on a graphics tablet, so seeing them on here makes me jealous! i think i've always had a sketchier style of art because i'm not that good with a pencil, i cant just draw one line, i have to sketch a few for every edge. its a weird and sometimes horrible habit to have but i've also learned to make do!

do you paint on different layers or all on the same one? i'm experimenting with multiple layers and for shading taking the transparency right down to create a more uniformed look.. but id didnt work that well lol.

Franbo said...

nah just one layer for the lines, then colour underneath, work into it a bit more, then take away the lines and do more work into it then
I think an important rule to remember is to start big, like you could essentially get away without any drawing work as in lines.
If you block in the big shapes, and shaded areas, then work in getting smaller as you go.
I purposefully avoided opacity so i could try and get the drawing etc more accurate, its still wrong but meh.
When i go i'll blend more
Have you tried using your opacity with pen pressure? not just opacity on the layers? What graphics tablet do you have?

vandalworks said...

its a wacom bamboo? not the newest one, but not that old either. not a hughely brilliant one but seems to be decent enough! do you start off with light colours or darker first? when i did art in college we were always taught to go darker, so start with teh highlights and work down into the shadows. but for some reason i've always done the opposite. start with big blocks of shadow and build the highlights up. i think (and not surprised) that i'm doing it arse backwards!

Franbo said...

ok well its easier to start with a background that isnt white is a useful tip, something mid tone, as its easier to judge light and dark.
I start with mid tones, and then go in either direction, but some people might do different, again, im not great shakes but just the way i do it, whether sketchy or trying to be paintery.
Should have opacity on your tablet then i imagine. If you go to brush settings you should be able to set opacity with pen pressure in the options, maybe try that?

vandalworks said...

ah i'll have a look at that with the brush opacity!

I think i'll just have to try it a few ways and see what works best for me, i used to draw all the time, but last 5years i havent done much at all, which is heresy! i really wanna get a scanner to i can do rough stuff on paper then scan in and manipulate on photoshop.

芥末 said...

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Dorian said...

Hi I'm one of your sisters blog friends and I like your stuff so I decided to follow and see what else you come up with, oh and my name is Dorian. Ha sorry loonnng sentence.

Franbo said...

hi, thanks :)