Monday, 24 August 2009

Whut? an Update?!

Hmm so an update eh.
I'm still not updating with much, ive been pretty lazy.
This summer has mostly been spent drinking tea, hiding in the laser cave, watching films, odd few trips here and there including the shire!
Anywho enough babbling on, heres some doodles and a Coby Whitmore study using Gouache.
Hopefully ill be a little more productive, and will update again soon.


Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Lovley work Fran,50's girl is still my fav x

Looking forward to seeing more updates soon ;)

Weird or Cute? said...

Your work is really good! :) I see you are well on top of the rendering thing - I get distracted and wander off whenever I am at the point where something should start to be rendered *embarassed*

Magic Fran is very cool, nice style going on there :)

keep up the good work!


Frannigan said...

thankyou both!
Maz have you noticed that none of my rendered pieces are actually finished? haha
i called the animal set a style choice with selective rendereing to emphasis the faces and expressions ;)